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Running Myth 8 – Does Running Increase your Risk of Arthrosis?

MYTH Running increases risk of arthrosis of the knee because the repeated impact causes irreversible damage to the cartilage. REALITY Several scientific studies have shown that arthrosis is no more common in runners than in non-runners. ELABORATION On the contrary, runners tend to have thicker and stronger cartilage in their…

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Running Myth 4 – Do Hard Surfaces and Hills Increase Risk of Injury?

MYTH Hard surfaces and hills increases the risk of a running injury. REALITY There is no surface in particular that has been clearly linked to increased risk of injury (but read on please!). ELABORATION Allow me to repeat myself; as per our first post regarding the cause of running injuries,…

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Running Myth 2 – Does Cross-Training Prevent Running Injuries?

MYTH It is better to cross­-train than to run six times per week. REALITY No studies have managed to quantify the optimal frequency of training with the purpose to prevent running injuries. ELABORATION As per our first post regarding the cause of running injuries, it comes down to tissue adaptation. You get…

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Run Smarter – Top-10 Running Myths Shattered

Congratulations, runner! You have taken the first step towards smarter running habits. Congratulations, health professional! You are curious and open to the latest research in the prevention of running injuries and you are eager to spread the word. Our 5-week series provides you with basic, but oh so crucial, knowledge…

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Mechanisms of Acupuncture Analgesia – Lina Englund, Physiotherapist

Acupuncture is widely used in physiotherapy practice for its pain relieving properties. The National Institutes of Health issued a statement in 1997 that supported the efficacy of acupuncture for specific conditions. The statement was based on well-designed, controlled clinical trials that showed especially good results in pain relief. The Easy…

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Prep For Skiing And The Snowy Slopes! – Lina Englund, Physiotherapist

When preparing your body for winter mountain sports it is important to aim for a balanced body with stability, flexibility, strength and endurance. The biggest mistake people do is to throw themselves out for a full day, or week, of action after a fairly inactive period during the dark winter…

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Foam Rolling, Do Or Don’t – Lina Englund, Physiotherapist

Most people wish they could have a great manual therapist or massage therapist follow them through the day, myself included. If you are one of us, the amazingly versatile and cost effective foam roller could be your solution. By no means do I want to compare the skills of an…

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