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Running Myth 8 – Does Running Increase your Risk of Arthrosis?

MYTH Running increases risk of arthrosis of the knee because the repeated impact causes irreversible damage to the cartilage. REALITY Several scientific studies have shown that arthrosis is no more common in runners than in non-runners. ELABORATION On the contrary, runners tend to have thicker and stronger cartilage in their…

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Running Myth 2 – Does Cross-Training Prevent Running Injuries?

MYTH It is better to cross­-train than to run six times per week. REALITY No studies have managed to quantify the optimal frequency of training with the purpose to prevent running injuries. ELABORATION As per our first post regarding the cause of running injuries, it comes down to tissue adaptation. You get…

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Inspiring Change – May Newsletter

This month, try the clam shell to isolate and integrate some strength and stability into your hips and spine. For runner’s this is a mandatory exercise! … Life Uninterrupted – May Newsletter Overheard In Clinic – May Newsletter Main Page – May Newsletter

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Overheard In Clinic – May Newsletter

May is National Physiotherapy Month, May 4th is Pilates Day, and #TeamGPP Runners and Mountain Bikers are off to the races, and our Skiers finished the season strong. #TeamGPP Chelsea and Jean will be participating in every WOMAN™ in Whistler, BC May 24-26. Chelsea will be discussing physical activity and…

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Recovery: DONE – Eric Lawrenuk, #TeamGPP

Eric Lawrenuk, Mountain Bike Free Rider on #TeamGPP, summarizes his recovery at Gastown Physio & Pilates from shoulder stability surgery (Bankart Repair) and shows us what his new shoulder can do.

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