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Archive for May, 2014

Training When Deconditioned (Extreme)

In this example, one can see that in a severely deconditioned individual, the thresholds for exceeding maximum capacity are very low. This point of a training regime requires careful dosing of exercise, and is a situation physiotherapists are very specialized in. (Primer on Effects of Training) (Primer on Over-Training)

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Over-Training Effect

(A primer on Training Effects may be helpful if you ended up here first) In the following diagram, you can see a graphical representation of the training effect: Vertical Axis: “Exercise Dose (Intensity or Duration)” Horizontal Axis: progress of time Red Line: maximum physiological capacity for exercise demand Green Line:…

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Training Effects – Exercise Does Not Make You Stronger…

Those that know Mark Borslein, Physio, know he likes to champion specific mantras (often over and over and over). One of his fundamental lessons is: “Exercise does not make you stronger.” At that point, you could imagine he walks out of the room and gives up on being a physio…

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