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Archive for June, 2014

Yoga Tips to Avoid Injury – Lara Brady, Physiotherapist

Awareness and self respect are key to any safe yoga practice. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your practice is safe and fulfilling: Yoga should never, ever hurt Don’t be shy, greet the teacher before class and tell them about injuries or areas that you have difficulty with. They should be…

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Common Yoga Injuries – Lara Brady, Physiotherapist

Yoga can be an excellent form of physical exercise, often prescribed to help heal injuries. Unfortunately, as with any form of physical activity, it is possible to injure yourself. It happens to the most experienced of us and to beginners. Here is some advice for practicing yoga safely, so you can…

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Long Term Physiological Effects of Mobilization and Exercise

Cardiopulmonary System ↓ submaximal minute ventilation ↑ respiratory muscle strength and endurance ↑ collateral ventilation ↑ pulmonary vascularization Cardiovascular System ↑ myocardial muscle mass ↑ myocardial efficiency ↓ heart rate (exercise-induced bradychardia) ↓ stroke volume at rest and submaximal work rates ↓ resting heart rate and blood pressure ↓ submaximal…

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