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Archive for May, 2015

Running Myth 4 – Do Hard Surfaces and Hills Increase Risk of Injury?

MYTH Hard surfaces and hills increases the risk of a running injury. REALITY There is no surface in particular that has been clearly linked to increased risk of injury (but read on please!). ELABORATION Allow me to repeat myself; as per our first post regarding the cause of running injuries,…

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MYTH Cushioned running shoes prevent injury by reducing impact force and shock to your joints. REALITY There is no scientific evidence to support the popular school of thought that more cushioning means more protection. The fact is that thick cushioned soles do not decrease the impact force our joints absorb when…

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Running Myth 2 – Does Cross-Training Prevent Running Injuries?

MYTH It is better to cross­-train than to run six times per week. REALITY No studies have managed to quantify the optimal frequency of training with the purpose to prevent running injuries. ELABORATION As per our first post regarding the cause of running injuries, it comes down to tissue adaptation. You get…

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RUNNING MYTH 1 – Revealing the Truth About WHY Running Injuries Occur

MYTH  The majority of running injuries are caused by EXTERNAL factors (old or new shoes, pounding pavement) and INTERNAL factors (tight calves, overpronation). REALITY The main cause of running injuries is the amount of stress applied to your tissues. An increase in training volume or intensity accounts for nearly 80% of running injuries. EXPLANATION…

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Run Smarter – Top-10 Running Myths Shattered

Congratulations, runner! You have taken the first step towards smarter running habits. Congratulations, health professional! You are curious and open to the latest research in the prevention of running injuries and you are eager to spread the word. Our 5-week series provides you with basic, but oh so crucial, knowledge…

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