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Archive for November, 2018

Women’s Health: Postpartum Depression

Highlights What is Postpartum Depression? Who is at risk of getting Postpartum Depression? Signs & Symptoms How Kinesiology helps Exercises What is Postpartum Depression? Being a new mom can be the most incredible, but challenging experience. Postpartum depression is, like a lot of aspects about Women’s Health, often shrouded in…

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Pre and Post Natal Kinesiology for New Parents

Highlights: How a Kinesiologist can help a new parent or parent-to-be Benefits of exercising with a Kinesiologist and a baby   A Kinesiologist can help: focus on the movement of the human body in different postures and loads assess muscle imbalances in the body use exercise as a tool of…

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Women’s Health: Incontinence Treatment & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Highlights Types of incontinence, their causes and aggravators Treatment options and strategies available Overview Incontinence is considered to be any involuntary passing of urine, stool, or gas, and it is incredibly common. According to the Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey, 16% of women aged 18-40 and 33% of women aged 41-64…

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