About Ashley Beck, Pilates Instructor @Gastown Physio & Pilates

Ashley grew up in very active home, skiing in the winters and camping over summers. She excelled in soccer, yoga and running from a young age. Her busy lifestyle has always incorporated a strong exercise aspect, and to diversify her training, she began incorporating Pilates into her routine.

Falling in love with the balance and deeper understanding of her body, Ashley took the Mat Pilates training course to develop her personal exercise approach. Soon after realizing this was her passion, Ashley continued to become a fully certified instructor through Balanced Body University. She is certified on Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrels, and over the summer will be adding Core Align.

Ashley likes to work with people in varying levels of condition, from high level athletes to casual practitioners. She also practices rehabilitation for clients with injuries in conjunction with fellow practitioners at Gastown Physio & Pilates.

While promoting physical and mental wellbeing, both in and outside of the classroom, she strives to continuously evolve with every client. Her students appreciate her direct but patient approach, and through open communication and individual attention, Ashley’s clients are able to safely reach and surpass their personal health and fitness goals in a friendly and comfortable environment.

As a very physical being herself, Ashley found that Pilates is a wonderful movement modality, which will lead to a deeper level of connection within our bodies and our lives. She believes a gentle but strong workout can make all of us feel energized and alive. Building on this philosophy, Ashley teaches her students to be accountable for their bodies by building an understanding of their individual limitations and strengths and encourages students to carry over what they have learned with her into their daily lives.

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