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Articles Written by Aaron Dobie

Be good to your knees and they will thank you for years to come!

Knee pain is a very common complaint and reason for assessment that we see at the clinic. More often than not, these clients didn’t twist their knee skiing or hear a pop after making a direction change at soccer or jam their knee sliding into second base. Their pain started gradually…

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23.5 Hours – What you can do with your last 0.5 hrs in the day!

Ask yourself: On average, how many days per week do you engage in moderate or greater physical activity (like a brisk walk) lasting at least 10 minutes? On those days, how many minutes do you engage in activity at this level? Those are the two questions that make up the…

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Spring Brings Bike Season!

Highlights: hip and knee stretches for all cyclists core exercises for cyclists   March 20th may mark the first day of Spring but more importantly, (some may agree more than others) it marks the first day of the biking season. If you are a mountain biker, road biker or commuter, you…

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