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Articles Written by Rebecca Boehm

ICBC and Active Rehab Programs with a Kinesiologist

Highlights What changes have happened with ICBC? How does this effect my treatment? What is active rehab with a Kinesiologist?   Overview As of April 1, 2019, ICBC released new changes to what people can claim in respects to their motor vehicle accident. Here at Gastown Physio & Pilates, you…

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Women’s Health: Postpartum Depression

Highlights What is Postpartum Depression? Who is at risk of getting Postpartum Depression? Signs & Symptoms How Kinesiology helps Exercises What is Postpartum Depression? Being a new mom can be the most incredible, but challenging experience. Postpartum depression is, like a lot of aspects about Women’s Health, often shrouded in…

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Pre and Post Natal Kinesiology for New Parents

Highlights: How a Kinesiologist can help a new parent or parent-to-be Benefits of exercising with a Kinesiologist and a baby   A Kinesiologist can help: focus on the movement of the human body in different postures and loads assess muscle imbalances in the body use exercise as a tool of…

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Pilates for Rugby Players

Highlights: Prevention Rehabilitation for common injuries Clinical Pilates exercises for rugby players Pilates is an exercise regime used among varied populations directed to target muscle length, strength, mobility, stability and to reconnect positive pathways from the brain to the body. There are many myths that Pilates is only for injured individuals…

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Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation For Runners

Highlights: How pilates assists with new and experienced runners Home exercises for runners In-clinic exercises for runners Overview: Running is a great excuse to get outdoors and influence positive changes in your body such as cardiovascular exercise, improving circulation, stress relief, improved confidence, and building strength / endurance in your…

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