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MYTH Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID’s) helps control excessive inflammation in the injured runner and promote an early return to running without detrimental effect to tissues. REALITY The inflammatory process is the initial phase in the body’s natural healing process after an injury from trauma or overuse. Taking NSAID’s inhibits this…

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MYTH *Stretching reduces your risk of injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) while improving your performance and recovery. *In this article, unless otherwise specified the term “stretching” refers to static stretches where an end of range position is held. REALITY Stretching pre-run does not reduce your risk of injury…

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Prep For Skiing And The Snowy Slopes! – Lina Englund, Physiotherapist

When preparing your body for winter mountain sports it is important to aim for a balanced body with stability, flexibility, strength and endurance. The biggest mistake people do is to throw themselves out for a full day, or week, of action after a fairly inactive period during the dark winter…

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Intermediate Rotator Cuff Lateral Rotation – #EOTW

Stand holding a resistance band in both hands, palms facing up. Slide your shoulder blades back and down.   Exhale to engage your core as you pull out on the band; keep the movement slow and controlled. Make sure your shoulder blades stay in place throughout the movement.  

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Foam Rolling, Do Or Don’t – Lina Englund, Physiotherapist

Most people wish they could have a great manual therapist or massage therapist follow them through the day, myself included. If you are one of us, the amazingly versatile and cost effective foam roller could be your solution. By no means do I want to compare the skills of an…

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Breakfast Television Visits GPP – Chelsea Sheppard, Physiotherapist

This year we had the great pleasure of welcoming CityTV’s Breakfast Television to GPP for a morning full of tips on off season, in season and on-the-slope tips for skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers. Dawn Chubai and the Breakfast Television crew joined us to show simple exercises which can be done…

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ACL Rehab After Reconstructive Surgery – Lina Englund, Physiotherapist

Rehabilitation after an ACL reconstructive surgery is generally divided into three different phases. If you are still waiting for surgery you should go through the phases as prep. Rest from aggravating activities throughout the process. It is pain, swelling, tissue repair, mobility and quality of movement that decide the level…

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Life Uninterrupted – May Newsletter

Our new web page kicks off with some help for runners! Some Running Tid-Bits from The GPP Blog Running Tips by Melina Mirzaei, Kinesiologist Why A Runner Should Warm Up by Lina Englund, Physiotherapist Download our Warm Up for Runners by Mark Borslein, Physiotherapist What is Plantar Fasciitis? by Melina Mirzaei,Kinesiologist Night…

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Warm-Up for Runners – Mark Borslein, Physiotherapist

Warming up to prepare for activity is the most important, but under-utilized tool, to avoid injuries. Lina Englund, Physiotherapist at Gastown Physio & Pilates, will be discussing the importance of warming up in a future blog post. Please find our two summaries (gleaned from the web) available for download so you…

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