Common Yoga Injuries – Lara Brady, Physiotherapist

Yoga can be an excellent form of physical exercise, often prescribed to help heal injuries. Unfortunately, as with any form of physical activity, it is possible to injure yourself. It happens to the most experienced of us and to beginners. Here is some advice for practicing yoga safely, so you can get the most benefit, physically and mindfully, from your practice.

How Do Yoga Injuries Happen?

Yoga injuries often arise from two sources, poor alignment of the physical body, or pushing too far beyond safe physical limits to achieve a pose. The latter can be considered poor alignment of the mind, in a way. If yoga is practiced with an attitude of self-acceptance, self-respect and awareness, the second category can be avoided. But if your mind has an agenda and your goal is to get yourself into a physical position, or if you aren’t present during your practice and aware of your body’s needs at that very moment, you open the door to injury.

Because yoga often requires us to stretch deeply, hold poses for longer than one would normally or bear weight through parts of our bodies that aren’t used to it, certain areas tend to be more vulnerable to injury. Pain and injuries usually arise in the hamstrings, low back, sacroiliac joints, knees, shoulders, neck and wrists.

Give us a call if you have any questions or need help with your practice. We can work together to find ways to make yoga work for every body!

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