Run Smarter – Top-10 Running Myths Shattered

Congratulations, runner! You have taken the first step towards smarter running habits. Congratulations, health professional! You are curious and open to the latest research in the prevention of running injuries and you are eager to spread the word.

Our 5-week series provides you with basic, but oh so crucial, knowledge that will assist you on your quest to stay injury free while you keep getting stronger, faster and healthier. Dare we say happier? We all come from somewhere, and whether you already run on a regular basis or intend to get started, you likely have preconceived ideas about what is right and wrong, good and bad, smart and downright silly. Get ready to have some of your truths shattered as we dig into them. Posts will go up every Tuesday and Thursday for five weeks starting Tuesday May 19.

As science graduates, it is important for us to point out that the information we provide you with is based on the latest, unbiased, scientific research. For those of you who want to dive into the original data, please get in touch with us and we will hand you the references.

Jean Lewis and I are trained under distinguished physiotherapists Blaise Dubois; international leader in the field and specialized therapist working specifically in the prevention and treatment of running injuries, and Jean-François Esculier; experienced sports physiotherapist and speaker who is deeply involved in the clinical research as a Ph.D. candidate.

As we guide you through the realities of running injuries we will likely step on some sore toes with controversial information regarding shoes, the importance of biomechanics, orthoses, hydration and who knows what is dear to you. We have one wish for you as we jump in on the deep end:

Keep an open mind, stay smart, and stay adaptable.


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