Clinical Pilates

Pilates: The Method

The Pilates method is based on mind-body centering technique which emphasizes the importance of initiating movement from a central core of stability, commonly called our ‘powerhouse’. These core muscles of the lumbo-pelvic region include the diaphragm, multifidi, tranversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates believed in the importance of a correctly aligned body and the re-education of muscles to prevent injury.

The 8 Traditional Principles

1.  Breathing

Exhalation should occur with the movement of greatest effort to provide the lumbo-pelvic region with maximum stability.

2. Concentration

Concentrating on each movement ensures precision and improves body awareness.

3. Centering

Learning to switch on your core or ‘powerhouse’ is the most important element of Pilates after which you can challenge this stability by adding in arm and leg movements.

4. Control

Slow, controlled movements require concentration and greater effort, leading to better results!

5. Precision

Understanding your body’s movements lead to more precise targeted exercise.

6. Flowing Movement

Linking movement to your breath can be a challenge at the start but it helps maintain a continuous  flow of movement.

7. Integrated Isolation

Identifying incorrect movements and correcting them builds your kinaesthetic awareness.

8. Routine

Practice and repetition leads to better quality movements and higher skill level so don’t give up!