Yoga Tips to Avoid Injury – Lara Brady, Physiotherapist

Awareness and self respect are key to any safe yoga practice. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your practice is safe and fulfilling:

  • Yoga should never, ever hurt
  • Don’t be shy, greet the teacher before class and tell them about injuries or areas that you have difficulty with. They should be able to help you modify to make sure your practice is safe and will be happy to get to know you better.
  • Be mindful, especially when moving in and out of poses. This is where the mind tends to wander most, which leaves us more prone to injury.
  • Respect your body, and remember that it is different today from yesterday, and will be different tomorrow.
  • There’s no room for ego. You get the same benefit from prep stages as you do from full poses, as long as each is practiced with awareness.
  • If you can’t breathe, you’ve gone too far. Back off a bit, return to your breath and congratulate yourself for noticing.
  • Practice common sense! If something doesn’t feel good, check your alignment, use props and ask for help to make the pose work for your body.
  • New injuries shouldn’t last longer than 10 days. If you have a new or old injury affecting your practice, a Physiotherapist with a background in yoga can work with you and your yoga teacher to modify the practice to suit your body!

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