Our Services

Gastown Physio & Pilates aims to deliver a care model that addresses urgent acute care and fully return you back to normal life. Our intention is to bring to Vancouver the Whistler care philosophy that has become unanimous with quality and expertise.

Physical Therapy

Our Physiotherapists are highly trained to diagnose and provide advanced treatment to help your pain and dysfunction. Our team is the leading choice of Gastown’s weekend warriors, office workers, and professional and amateur athletes. Continue reading

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Women’s Health

Women encounter a diverse terrain of health care experiences throughout the course of their lives. Through pre & post natal care, menopause and beyond, a well trained physiotherapist or kinesiologist can help navigate and minimize the amount of interruption in your life and get you back to what you love….

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Gym Based Physiotherapy

With our gym based physio service, we are bridging the gap between traditional rehab in a clinic setting and performance in a gym. Our unique blend of physical therapy and strength and conditioning is designed to get you to moving earlier and better. We provide one on one exercise based…

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Clinical Pilates

Pilates with our Physiotherapists helps you to properly activate and train the endurance of your core musculature, emphasizing better breathing and proper posture, alignment and coordination. Continue reading

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Bike Fitting

A professional bike fit is key to preventing injuries and maximizing performance on the bike. All bike fits begin with a physiotherapy assessment. Starting with your personal and physical history, as well as future goals. Next, we assess your body’s biomechanics off of the bike to better understand how you move. The last step involves…

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Our Kinesiologists apply movement sciences in Pilates to provide active rehabilitation, improving physical performance, preventing illness/injury, and providing injury management. Continue reading

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